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Buckle Up, Or Else

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CARY — March 27, 1996 - 4:15 p.m. EST

Dr. Ricardo Martinez, of the National Highway Traffic Administration, was in town Wednesday morning to observe "Click It Or Ticket" in action. Listen toaufile. Cars were backed up Wednesday morning on High Springs Road in Cary as North Carolina kicked off a new "Click It or Ticket" campaign to encourage drivers and passengers to buckle up.

Officers from three different organizations were on hand to survey the traffic and hand out the occasional ticket. They were checking for seat belts, child restraints, drivers' licenses and registrations.

By noon, more than 25 drivers had come up short.

There was a special guest observing the activity Wednesday. Dr. Ricardo Martinez of the National Highway Traffic Association was in town to both compliment and learn from the NC program which has gained national attention.

One reason for that, Martinez said, is that North Carolina has managed to save $164 million in medical costs alone. That's money thatwouldcome out of tax and insurance money.

In the past five years, due mainly to the success of "Click It Or Ticket", serious injuries resulting from vehicle accidents have been reduced by six percent. During the same time period, the actual number of accidents more than doubled.

Cary, by the way, has a 94 percent rate of restraint law enforcement.

Just one more reason to wear that belt

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