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Nature Comes to Life in Dramatic, Digital Detail at New Science Museum

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RALEIGH — Visitors to the newMuseum of Natural Scienceswill see the state as it has never been seen before.Wilderness North Carolinatakes viewers on a spectacular trip.

"I had this hesitation about having to shoot nature which is so unpredictable with high definition," says photographer Art Howard.

Beauty shows up in more detail than the eye can see.

"And this does it in such a unique fashion by showing you detail," says museum naturalist Mike Dunn. " Every time I look at it. I see a new detail that I hadn't really seen while I was out there."

Howard and producer Nina Szlosberg spent 14 months traveling to 40 North Carolina counties. They shot 70 hours of videotape for Wilderness North Carolina.

"It was a great chance to marry the best in television technology with the most spectacular, beautiful places in North Carolina," says Szlosberg.

Spectacular sound accompanies images more realistic than ever seen on screen.

"You see individual feathers in birds. You see the individual grains of sand on the beaches. You see the texture on the flowers," says Howard.

Museum visitors can see Wilderness North Carolina in theWRAL Digital Theater.

The theater, a gift from theA.J. Fletcher FoundationandCapitol Broadcasting, is the first of its type in North Carolina and in a museum.

"It is so exciting to see these images, to see the smallest tree frog that we have in North Carolina on a 22-foot screen," says Szlosberg.

Wilderness North Carolina will be shown several times a day beginning with the museum's grand opening on April 7 and 8.


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