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Liggett Vows To Help Smokers Quit

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DURHAM — March 14, 1996 - 11:55 a.m. EST
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  • A Liggett Group employee (L) says he hopes the tobacco industry doesn't continue to suffer. Listen toaufile.
  • Durham City Councilman Howard Clements (R) on local impact of the decision. Listen toaufile.Durham's Liggett Group tobacco company says it will adhere to federal cigarette regulations and will do what it can to help smokers quit using its products.
  • The Durham-based company made headlines Wednesday by announcing it would settle a lawsuit that charged the company enhanced addictive qualities of its cigarettes.

    The class-action suit covers 50 million former and current smokers.

    If the settlement is approved, it would be the first time a tobacco company paid to settle a smoking suit.

    Four other top cigarette manufacturers say the public should not expect to see them follow suit. They announced they will continue to stand firm in their own disputes.

    Liggett, the maker of Chesterfield and Eve cigarettes, has agreed to pay up to five percent of its gross income over the next 25 years to help those addicted to tobacco

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