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County Tries to Solve Dog-Gone Situation

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ROXBORO — March 12, 1996, 3:25 pm, ESTIf you live in Person County and Fido doesn't come when you call, you had best get him to obedience school. The county health department hopes to implement a regulation March 25 that would require residents to keep their dogs and cats within sight -- and within voice command.

The county health board last night directed the health department to post the proposed regulation for 10 days. Absent objections, the regulation would go on the books.

Last month, Person County animal control officers were searching for four loose dogs that had contact with a rabid raccoon. They hope the measure will help curb the number of rabies cases in the county.

Among other, unintended, benefits could be preventing unsupervised animals from chasing cars or digging up flower beds and garden patches.

Pet owners who flout the regulation could be subject to a fine of up to $100, at the discretion of the health department or animal control officers

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