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John Green Soars to Victory

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WILSON — Beddingfield High Schoolsenior John Green is an All Conference athlete in four sports, while carrying a solid 3.2 GPA.

Green is a key member of the basketball team, averaging a little over 17 points per game for a team that went 24-5 during the regular season.

Green is a young man who likes competition.

"I don't really like losing," Green said. "I like to compete at everything, including school work. I don't like to be average in anything, and I work very hard to be better than everybody else."

"The biggest thing that John has to offer to the team is his calming effect," says coach Lin Green. "He's played for a long time and now he is able to lead the team."

Coach Green is John's father, and dad loves having his son play for him, and vice-versa.

"I can look back and figure that most people don't get a chance to do something like this, and I just feel it's a great honor," John said.

"It's been very enjoyable," Lin said. "I didn't coach him as a youngster and now I've got that opportunity. We are an athletic family, and we enjoy coming to games and watching him play, and doing things as a family."

It takes a lot of balance to accomplish all that John Green does, but he says it is part of the high school experience.

"It's difficult, but it's just a lot of fun right now," he said. "I figure high school is one of the best times of your life really, so I'm just having fun."

"In the classroom students look up to John," Beddingfield teacher Mike Land said. "When they are doing group work, no matter what it is, he ends up being the leader. He's out giving them instructions just like he is a point guard in the classroom."

"Someone needs to step up and make sure that everybody does their part, and doing what they are suppose to do," John said.

Senior John Green of Beddingfield High School in Wilson is this week's winner of theExtra Effort Award.

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