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Shooting at Raleigh Night Spot

Posted February 24, 1996 6:00 a.m. EST

— February 25, 1996, 8:38 a.m. Police are on the lookout for the people who who opened fire outside a Raleigh nightclub Saturday night.

Bullet shells littered the parking lot of Tab Lou's, off Wake Forest Road, leading police to speculate that as many as six handguns were fired.

One man was injured slightly. Craig Brown was taken to the hospital, whre he was treated for a back wound. Doctors think Brown may be released tomorrow morning.

Police had been at the nightclub earlier in the evening to check out the report of a knife fight.

Later, after a chair fight broke out, approximately 300 people ran out into the parking lot. When the gunfire started, people hid behind cars to avoid the shots.

Dozens of police officers surrounded the area and blocked off nearby streets.

Anyone with information on who fired the gunshots is asked to call Crimestoppers at the Raleigh Police Department. That number is 890-3555. Another Crimestoppers phone number that may be used is 834-HELP