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Motion Capture Technology Could Appear In Triangle

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CARY — The computer magic used in many popular movies and computer games may be coming to the Triangle.

Triangle computer animators watched the future unfold in front of their eyes.

As a young woman outfitted with reference marks rolls on a mat, her image is captured by multiple high-speed data cameras. Information is fed to computers using special software. Seconds later, her skeletal image moves on a projector screen.

The three-dimensional images are like those used in Rogue Spear from the Triangle'sRed Storm Entertainment.ViconandHouse of Moves, both in Los Angeles, are showing Triangle game producers how to create more realistic characters.

"You get all the nuances and all the movement," says Jarrod Phillips of the House of Moves. "You're able to put that directly into the machine so, as a player, you get a much more realistic experience."

Actors are still required for games and big-time movies.

It's a model ship, the passengers digital images. -->A Cary woman wants to build a motion capture studio to serve Triangle game companies.

"They (Animators) have to take time to go off site," says Diana Michelotti of Artistic Enterprises. "They have to definitely make sure they've got every shot marked out exactly what they want because of the travel involved."

Motion capture technology could boost Triangle computer game companies to the forefront of the industry.

"We see that North Carolina is now going to finally be on the map as far as an entertainment gaming development area," Michelotti says.

Triangle companies are already making their mark. Red Storm Entertainment's "Rogue Spear" has just been named "Best Action Game of the Year" by two major gaming publications.