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The Currituck Club

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COROLLA — For the final hole of 1999's Dream 18, WRAL's Jeff Gravley hits the coast. His choice this week has survived two hurricanes and his golf game.

The Currituck Clubis located on the northeast corner of North Carolina, just a shade south of Corolla.

People do not just come here to play golf.

"This is the oldest, continuously operated hunt club in North America, built in 1857," says course pro Danny Agapion.

The Rees Jones Golf course, which was born in 1996, sits right on the Currituck Sound.

Agapion says the wind off the soundcanbe your friend.

"This hole in particular, the eighth, is 432 yards from the back tee. We are downwind today, thank God," he says.

It is a pretty narrow fairway, just 20 to 30 yards wide in some areas.

With the wind at their backs, Agapion and Gravley set sail with 3-woods and both find the fairway.

The green on the par 4, eighth hole is the deepest on the course, so there is plenty of room to work with. It is receptive to a wide range of shots.

Agapion works from the fringe for a 2-putt par.

"You know, my friends in Raleigh always said I could putt, but I never believed them," he says.

Gravley ends the final hole of this year's Dream 18 with a par.

Add the Currituck Club to your play list or you may want to visit for next year's N.C. Open. It will be played right here. Reporter:Jeff Gravley


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