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Former Wake Deputy Commits Suicide

Posted February 12, 1996 6:00 a.m. EST

— February 13, 1996, 3:50 EST

A former Wake County Deputy who was about to face federal trial on firearms charges committed suicide in an Oklahoma City jail.

Mike Hartley was due to be returned to Greensboro Monday to stand trial. Federal marshals said he was found dead in his cell Monday morning.

Hartley had been in the news four years ago, when he kidnaped his estranged wife from the day care center their two children attended. He brandished a stun gun in the incident and led police on a 100 mph chase before he was caught. He was convicted on attempted kidnaping charges, and received a 10-year suspended sentence and 5 years porobation.

Two years later, Hartley violated probation and managed to elude authorities for 11 months, until his story was aired nationwide on "America's Most Wanted." Tips poured into law offices after that show ended, and he was arrested at his Virginia home.

His children and former wife have since moved to an undisclosed location.

In addition to his stint as a Wake County deputy, Hartley had also been a member of the Army Special Services