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Knight's Play Golf Center

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APEX — Ask most golfers and they will tell you they cannot find enough time to play. A Wake County course is giving golfers a chance to take a swing at some pretty late tee times.

For hole number 13 of WRAL'sDream 18, Jeff Gravley travels toKnight's Playin Apex.

"It's just like a regular golf course, the par 3's you play on a regular golf course, we just have 18 of them," says course pro Tim Forte.

Knight's Play offers another unique feature -- night play for the nocturnal knocker.

"By 6 p.m. they start coming out here, and by 8 p.m. we have tons of people," Forte said.

The pick for today's Dream 18 was the 7th hole, which is only 123 yards, but surrounded by water.

"A little peninsula green, it kind of crowns off there so if you don't hit it pretty much center of the green, then you're wet," Forte said.

Forte played to the center of the green and hit his target. Two putts later he was home for par and never close to taking a swim. That is certainly not the case for Jeff -- three swings and three in the drink.

There was one more option -- frog giggin. There are plenty of long-legged leapers out there.

Whether you are a golfer or a gigger, an early riser or a late nighter, Knight's Play is waiting for you from 8 a.m. until midnight, and it will not cost you much to play either. Reporter:Jeff Gravley