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Hunter Defends Himself Against Allegations of Steroid Use

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In an emotional press conference, World shotput champion C.J. Hunter denied allegations that he tested positive for the banned substance, nandrolone.(WRAL-TV5 News)
SYDNEY — World shotput champion C.J. Hunter has been the center of attention at the Olympic games after allegations that he tested positive for steroids four times over the summer. He says the incident is a big mistake.

Hunter said in an emotional press conference Tuesday that he will defend himself against the allegations he used nandrolone.

"One thing is that I feel disturbed about is that track and field has never been that important to me. Not to the point where I would do something like this," Hunter said.

Hunter says he passed the drug tests given at the U.S. Olympics Trials and adds that using any banned substance for the summer meets in Europe would not be worth the risk.

"I don't know what has happened, but I can promise everybody that I am going to find out," he says. "You are going to find out, and you are going to know."

During summer workouts with his wife, Hunter was always in the forefront, making sure that members of the media did not get too close. Hunter says his wife's Olympic opportunity was the only reason he competed at all.

"I may not be the most agreeable person, and I may be downright mean at times, but nobody on the planet can say that I do not love my wife," he says.

Marion Jones read a statement of support for her husband during Hunter's press conference. Hunter says he is disappointed that the charges against him could prove to be a distraction for his wife's quest for five gold medals.

Victor Conte, Hunter's nutritionist, says he believes an iron supplement that Hunter was taking this summer produced the positive drug tests.


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