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Ft. Bragg Commander Happens Onto Skinhead Gathering

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FORT BRAGG — February 1, 1996 - 2:52 p.m. EST

The Army says it will take disciplinary action against a soldier over a staged skinhead scene in his barracks. Specialist Michael Fallon is accused of letting a magazine photographer stage the scene. The group scattered when the setup was discovered by a duty officer who happened to pass by.

Major Rivers Johnson, spokesman for the 82nd Airborne Division, says Fallon was one of five soldiers who participated in the incident Sunday. Also present in the room were two civilian women and a baby.

Since two soldiers were charged with killing a black man and woman in Fayetteville, the Army has been holding training sessions to urge soldiers not to participate in extremist groups.

According to Johnson, 4 of the soldiers involved in the photography session were already on a list complied by military officials of 22 people involved in such groups. Among them are Specialist Joshua Spaid, Specialist Sean Brownfield and Specialist Steven Manseau. The identity of the fifth soldier has not yet been released.

Johnson says actions are pending against all five of them and further disciplinary action may be considered.

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"Involvement in this kind of activity will not be tolerated. It's clearly inconsistent with the policies of being in the miltary," said Johnson.

He said the photographer was preparing to take pictures of what was designed to look like a skinhead meeting. In a statement, he says the room had been set up with "Nazi flag and soldiers in skinhead dress," but had been "set up for the benefit of the photographer."

Johnson says the photographer identified himself only as Tony and sai

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