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Midway High School Football Star Wins Extra Effort Award

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SAMPSON COUNTY — Midway High School's football team made it to the Eastern 1-A title game, thanks to the running ability of senior Brandon Killet.

Killet rushed for more than 2,000 yards this year while leading his team through the playoffs.

"As a football player, Brandon is a tough guy who you would really like to have out there," says football coach Joe Matthews. "You can turn around and hand it to him 20 or 30 times a game. He is going to get you some positive yards."

Killet has plenty of positives off the field. He has the respect of the Midway community.

"He is a leader in every sense of the word," says teacher Ronda Jackson. "He is a good student, very capable, very willing to work. You always see him in the halls smiling and talking to people."

Killet knows he is a role model in the community as well.

"I realize that there are young kids out there that are actually looking up to me," he says. "They want to do some of the things that I am doing, and you have to watch you do in front of them to be that positive role model."

Matthews says Killet does a wonderful job when it comes to being a leader.

"He is a good student. He is a person who you can count on," he says. "If you give him a job to do, he will get it done whether it is playing football or in the classroom or any school activity.

Brandon Killet is this week's winner of the Extra Effort Award. Tom Suiter's Extra Effort award airs Wednesdays during WRAL's 6:00 News.

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