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Apex High Goalie Wins Extra Effort Award

Posted November 21, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— Apex senior goalie David Bankert played a huge role in the Cougars' run in the state's 4-A championship soccer game.

Bankert's hard work to make himself a better player earned him the respect of his teammates.

"He approaches the game with so much passion," says Apex soccer coach Kevin Todd. "He approaches everybody on the team and gives them equal respect. He is the kind of guy who is so likeable and has a great personality."

Bankert is an A student and a member of the National Honor Society who has always put school first.

"I don't plan on choosing a school because of athletics," he says. "I think it is much more important to be strong in the classroom before being strong in the field. That is always how I was brought up in the family."

Bankert is also an accomplished singer who frequently plays parts in school musicials. He also sings the school anthem before home games.

"Singing is my true passion. I love it," he says. "It's just sometimes if I am in a bad mood, then I can go back to singing and it always cheers me up."

David Bankert is this week's winner of the Extra Effort Award. Tom Suiter's Extra Effort award airs Wednesdays during WRAL's 6:00 News.

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