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Torbush Fired At UNC After 6-5 Season

Posted November 19, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— North Carolina football coach Carl Torbush, who almost lost his job last year, was fired Monday after leading his team to a 6-5 season.

UNC athletic director Dick Baddour says the decision to dismiss Torbush was not based on a single game or a single season, but on an evaluation of a three-year period as well as the potential for the future.

"The current state of the program seems to rest on a game-by-game, year-by-year, season-by-season situation," Baddour says. "That is not an atmosphere for success or for potential of success. I believe we faced a crossroads in regards to this football program."

Baddour said he asked Torbush to resign. He refused and was informed late Sunday night that he would be fired.

Torbush was criticized this season when the Tar Heels suffered a four-game losing streak, but the team came back to win its last three games, including a 59-21 pounding of Duke on Saturday. The other victories came against Pittsburgh and Maryland.

"I've talked to our players, and that is very confidential," Torbush says. "There is no question that I feel not only for our players and coaching staff, but our family and true friends of the university of North Carolina for Carl Torbush, so right now, I am going through a lot of emotion."

Students on campus say they respected Torbush. They also applauded the fact that his team stood by him, win or lose.

"I think they definitely have the skill and really good players, but it seemed like they were not getting it together," says UNC student Jane Moran.

"They had some potential this year. They did not completely meet it, but I don't think you can put all of the blame at his feet," says student Michael Trinh.

Torbush, who had two years remaining on his five-year contract, had a three-year record of 17-18, including a 3-8 season last year when he was almost fired. He was retained after an outcry from players, students and fans.

The university says it has already started a search for Torbush's successor. From staff and wire reports