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Bowden Family Has Nothing But High Praise For N.C. State Coach Amato

Posted August 11, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Chuck Amato is still an unknown quantity to many Wolfpack fans and the media. However, he has left an indelibable mark with the people in Tallahassee and the Bowden family.

"I think N.C. State is going to reap the benefits of Chuck's association with my father plus his ability to bring in a good staff quickly," says Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden.

As an assistant head coach at Florida State, Amato worked closely with every facet of the program, gaining a reputation as a player's coach.

"He is one of those coaches who is up front with you and who is upfront with you," says FSU quarterback Chris Weinke. "Sometimes you don't get that out of college coaches."

"He was unique on my staff. There would be many times that I would pull him aside and say, 'Chuck, what do you think about this? What do you think about that," says FSU head coach Bobby Bowden. "Chuck will probably know me better than Tommy even,"

Wolfpack players like linebacker Clayton White enjoy Amato's fiery style of coaching.

"I think he is going to be able to bring it out of some players who usually are not that emotional," White says.

Amato says he is excited about the upcoming season.

"We're all excited, but we can't let our excitement overcome the accomplishments that are going to happen this first year or two," Amato says.

Wolfpack fans will be curious to see Amato's coaching approach at his first game against Arkansas State on Sept. 2.