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North Johnston Softball Player Uses Extra Effort On Diamond, School

Posted May 26, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— TheNorth Johnston High Schoolsoftball team finished third in the state's I-A tournament, thanks in part to high school senior Lauren Jernigan.

"She is a good contact hitter. She has good hand-eye coordination with the bat," says North Johnston softball coach George Daniels. "She is not a power hitter as such, but she is going to get on base and move runners. When you have people like this that the other players can look up to and see a solid foundation here, it gives other players something they know they can rely on."

Jernigan plays third base and has a batting percentage of .500. Jernigan says she will remember the closeness of the team.

"We're like sisters," Jernigan says. "We get along in everything that we do. We support each other."

Jernigan is an A student who has plans to become a teacher. Her teachers say she is on the right track.

"The thing that sticks in my mind is that she is so focused," says North Johnston teacher Cindy Olive. "She is going to succeed in what she does. There is something there that pushes her."

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