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The Championship Course at Tanglewood

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CLEMMONS — This week's Dream 18 takes us to the town of Clemmons, where the Championship Course at Tanglewood has hosted the 1974 PGA Championship as well as the last 11 Vantage Senior Tournaments.

North Carolina Magazine recently voted the Championship Course at Tanglewood the top Public Golf Course in the State.

When you play here, you'd better bring the sand wedge. There are over 100 bunkers on the golf course.

The course also tests for accuracy off the tee. From the back on the par 4 14th, you'd better be able to drive it straight to avoid the water. Mike says it's about a 220 yard carry from the back tee over the water.

"The fairway slopes severely from right to left, so if you hit it with too big of a hook, there's a chance that it'll run down in the water."

Our pro is left and safe leaving a short iron into the green. Not only are the greens protected by the many bunkers, there aren't many flat putts. But Mike finds the cup in 2 for par.

As for me, Mike tells me I definitely have to hit the ball straight off this tee. It calls for a very straight tee shot. So what do I do but hit to the left!

Some people never learn. But even when I finally do keep one dry, there's trouble.You could try to hit a big slice, but if it goes straight you're in the water...Well you know my track record. One thing about it... I touredallof this 14th hole. Trips through Disney World don't take as long as I took to play here. Hopefully, when you tee it up, it won't be as painful, and you don't tear up Tanglewood like I did.


Jeff Gravley, Reporter
Mark Copeland, Photographer
Michelle Singer, Web Editor

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