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Hearing Scheduled on Call for Moore 'Area A' Moratorium

The board sent county commissioners a recommendation, 6-1, for a six-month block on subdivisions of five or more homes.

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CARTHAGE, N.C. — The Moore County Planning Board says there should be a six-month moratorium on subdivisions in the western part of the county that it calls Area A, and the county commissioners will now hold a public hearing on the matter.

The planning board voted 6-1 late last week to hold up subdivisions of five or more homes in the area that includes Seven Lakes, West End and Jackson Heights. That moved the decision to the Board of County Commissioners, which voted Monday night to hold a public hearing June 18.

Moratorium supporters like planning board member Dave Kinney say a moratorium is the best way to make sure growth happens intentionally and well.

Opponents such as Reginald Lester of the Moore County Home Builders Association argue that a moratorium sends an anti-business signal and pushes up home prices by keeping supply behind demand.

All agree that Area A is a nice place for a home.

"I came here to play golf," said Kinney, a 16-year resident of Area A. There have been, he said, “an unprecedented number of large, significant developments -- all in a very short period of time."

Kinney said Monday that he wants to guarantee infrastructure is ready for development and that subdivisions are built with ample open space.

The goal is “the kind of growth we want, where we want it," Kinney said.

"This sends an anti-business signal,” Lester said.

"The fact is, more and more restrictions mean more and more price increases and makes affordable housing less and less,” Lester said.

Kinney argued that keeping the area appealing by going slow on growth will be a plus for business.

“It will make the area more attractive to business, maybe bigger and better business,” he said.

The moratorium also is unneeded, opponents say, because an insufficient water supply has created a de facto limit.


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