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Dash Series Offers Experience, Exposure

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ROUGEMONT — What do Michael Waltrip, Morgan Shepherd and the late Davey Allison have in common? They're all graduates of the Goody's Dash racing series. Here, the drivers pay their dues.

Ricky Bryant used to race at the Orange County Speedway for fun. Now he does it for a living on the Goody's Dash Series.

"I quit my job January 1st," Bryant says. "I've either got to make it work or not now."

Ricky is, like most of the drivers on the circuit, chasing a dream of one day racing Winston Cup cars. The Dash Series gives the drivers a chance to gain some valuable experience on different tracks. It also offers something every racer needs-- exposure.

"The biggest thing I like is going to Daytona, Bristol, places like that and rubbing elbows with the big dogs," admits driver John Whaley.

"Anytime you can get experience, no matter what it is or where it's at, you're getting experience behind the wheel," Robert Huffman says. "You learn something every time you go out."

This series is to Winston Cup racing what AA is to major league baseball. It's a training ground, and it's also a place drivers found out if they have the dedication needed to one day make it big.

"I think you really need to conquer this before you can go to the next level," Bryant says. "That way you know you've accomplished something if you happen to fail at the next level."

Bryant is on track. He won his first Goody's event over the weekend. Thanks to the series, he may realize his dream of making it to victory lane after a Winston Cup race.\


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