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Durham Fans Treated To Bulls' 5-1 Win Over Clippers

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The Durham Bulls defeated the Columbus Clippers 5-1 in the Bulls' home opener.(WRAL-TV5 News)
DURHAM — Thousands of fans picked up the peanuts, popcorn and Cracker Jacks Wednesday to see theDurham Bulls home opener.

The field was in perfect condition and the weather held out as theDurham Bullsdefeated the Columbus Clippers 5-1. TheDurham Bulls Athletic Parkwas packed with anxious fans.

"I love opening day," says Bulls fan Ed Lebetkin. "I was supposed to see boys play in orchestra today, but it was opening day. They understand."

Some special fans even dropped in to see the game. The Golden Knights brought in the ball for the opening pitch, which was thrown by baseball great Wade Boggs.

"I saw him play in the exhibition game," Lebetkin says. "I never saw him play for real so it's nice to see him."

It was a special first for Wanda Satterfield. It was her first time working and seeing a Bulls game.

"It was exciting," Satterfield says. "All the people and the men came out of the sky, I had never seen that before."

For fans who did not get a chance to see Wednesday's action, the Bulls will be playing through Sunday at the DBAP.