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Mia Hamm Continues to Raise the Bar

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Mia Hamm makes another great play to
RALEIGH — At the Goodwill Games, former North Carolina star, Mia Hamm, enhanced her reputation as the world's greatest player. One man who knows all about Hamm's brilliance is Raleigh Wings coach, Bill Palladino.

"I would put her in the category of one of the best goal scorers in the world for sure," says Palladino. "That's her primary responsibility, to try to put the ball in the back of the net. When she's on, she's probably the best."

Five goals in her last two games does nothing to hurt that reputation. And here's a scary thought-- Palladino thinks she can get even better. Unlike female tennis players, soccer athletes hit their prime in the late 20's and early 30's.

"It's the mental side of the game that she's really beginning to get a handle on and to fine tune," Palladino explains. "That's where that maturity comes into play, and that's where you can take your game to a another level."

And what a level it is. Mia Hamm has raised the bar, Everyone else can only aspire to get there.