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Grades Come Before Game For Northwood Senior

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PITTSBORO — Northwood High School finished its current basketball season as the state 2-A runner-up, losing a championship heartbreaker to Whiteville. Still, it was a great season for Northwood and senior Doug Brooks.

This week's Extra Effort Award winner was the Charger's point guard -- a captain who loved leading his basketball team.

"We stick together side by side everywhere we go, not just on the court, but outside of school," says Brooks of the friendship he has with his teammates.

"For three years he has been on our varsity squad. Honestly, I can't say that I've ever not seen him first in sprints, and first in line in each drill we do -- quarterback of your team, coach on the floor so to speak. He is all of those and just has helped us achieve the great success we've had this year," says coach Joe Pappas.

Academically, Brooks is a straight A student and a member of the National Honor Society -- a point guard in the classroom.

"If we have a group study session, or whatever, he is the go-to man in the group. If somebody doesn't understand something we have gone over, then it's Doug who will get with them and answer their questions. A lot of times he explains it better than I did," says teacher Errol Roper.

"To me and my family, the grades in the classroom are number one, and second is sports. So if I excel in the classroom, then things are going to happen on the basketball court. Things are going to fall into place," says Brooks.

Senior Doug Brooks of Northwood High School is this week's winner of the Extra Effort Award. Tom Suiter's Extra Effort award airs Wednesdays during WRAL's 6:00 News.

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