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Person Wrestler has an Art for His Sport

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ROXBORO — He does not look like it, but Andy Clements is one tough customer. He wrestles at 135 pounds, compiling a 28-2 regular season record for the Person High School Rockets.

"I guess his forte is a front head lock, what we call a barnyard, and he can throw it from any position on the mat," says Person wrestling coach Jerry Stewart.

Stewart says other coaches are aware of Clements' moves, too.

Clements also excels in the classroom. He has earned a 3.2 grade point average, and has many interests which include music, and a love of art.

"It's very diversified," says Clements. "Here you have an aggressive sport, wrestling, then you have a soft atmosphere with art and music."

The wrestler says his outside interests help him deal with the pressures of his sport.

"I feel like I have to win all the time," says Clements. "I don't like losing, nobody does, so I do draw and paint and play music for stress relief."

"He tackles any problem or task he has with the best of his ability, and I think it comes through with his success in music, in school and also in wrestling," says Stewart, who describes Clements as "one of the most honest, well-mannered, polite men I've been around."

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