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Extra Effort Winner a True Team Player

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APEX — This week's Extra Effort winner isApex High Schoolsenior Wes Moyer. Moyer is starting his third season as the Cougars' starting quarterback. Last season he helped lead Apex into the state 4-A playoffs; this season he wants even more.

Moyer says when he comes into the huddle he wants things to be positive.

"I try to stay confident, first of all, because if they see that you are getting down then they are probably going to get down too," he says. "So you try to be confident and let everyone know that you believe in the team and believe that we can do everything we practiced and that we set our goals for."

Moyer's coach, Bob Wolff, calls Moyer a "competitor."

"First ... he's got that grit that makes him want to be successful and wants to do the job and do well. Second, I think, he's willing to work to make himself better. Third, I think he really cares about his teammates and he buys in very well to the team concept. All that put together makes a good all-around player," says Wolff.

Moyer also does the job in the classroom. He enters his senior year with a 3.4 grade point average.

"He's just very open and honest and fresh and he's very sincere," says teacher Colleen Sullivan. "He wants to learn it and he wants to put out his best effort in the classroom just like he wants to on the football field. He's kind to everybody. He's just a sweet kid." Tom Suiter's Extra Effort Award airs each Wednesday during WRAL's 6:00 News.

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