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Keldorf Prepares for Life Outside of Football

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CHAPEL HILL — Chris Keldorf continues to work out, preparing for an NFL call that may never come. Two years removed from the greatest year ever by a Tar Heel quarterback, Keldorf's future is now out of his hands.

"Now it's a little too late," Keldorf said. "I know that if I am supposed to be in the NFL some team will open up somewhere, or some league will open up somewhere and I'll be playing football soon."

Why the school's most prolific passer of all time is not in a camp is just hard to believe. He's a classic, drop-back passer with a gun for an arm. Still no NFL team will invite him to camp. It leaves him a bit bitter, but Keldorf isn't the moping type. He's fully prepared to move on.

"It's just a game," Keldorf said. "I have had two years of great football that most people would dream of. Little kids in high school dream of getting an athletic scholarship, and being a star on the football field. I've done that. What more do I need?"

If indeed Keldorf's playing days are over, you get the feeling he'll be successful in whatever other field he chooses.