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Bulls Pitcher Took the Road Less Traveled to the Pros

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Jim Morris, 35, throws in the mid-90s, so don't be surprised if the mild mannered teacher brings his heat to the majors.(WRAL-TV5 News)
DURHAM — The road less traveled is not the path taken by the Bulls newest pitcher, Jim Morris.

The 35-year-old was the no. 1 pick of the Brewers 16 years ago -- what a long, strange trip it has been.

"I played a couple years, spent a few years on the DL, came back with the White Sox, still experienced pain, and decided at that time it was better off to get my education."

Morris thought his career was finished, so after going back to school he became a high school teacher and baseball coach.

"I threw batting practice every day to them," Morris said. "I would throw and throw, and I guess I started throwing harder and harder, and they were like, 'Why are you coaching high school when you could still be pitching?' I went to a try out, and I got signed by the Devil Rays."

With a very lively arm, Morris still throws in the mid-90s, so don't be surprised if the mild-mannered teacher brings his heat to the majors.

"He got it to 95 the other day. He's sneaky fast and has a good breaking ball," says pitching coach Pete Filson. "He's a great sign."

Morris loves his life as a teacher, but for now he is making his field of dreams come true.


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