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Wolfpack Battles Miami in Micron PC Bowl

Posted December 28, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— Game night in Miami. N.C. State's opponent knows the territory, but the Wolfpack hopes the Miami Hurricanes will not know about all of State's offensive weapons.

Joe Robbie Stadium braces for an offensive explosion in the Micron PC Bowl.

N.C. State has had trouble stopping the run. Miami has shown a weakness to the long forward pass.

The offensive possibilities in Tuesday's bowl game has put some excitement in the air over Miami.

The Miami defense has surrendered six passing touchdowns over 50 yards. N.C. State's offense has produced six passing touchdowns over 50 yards.

The Wolfpack feels it has a chance to test the Miami Hurricanes with the deep ball.

"I watched on film that they give up a lot of big plays. Hopefully we can get the same thing. I don't know what they are going to do defensively, but whatever they do, we're going to adjust and try to set everybody up to make some plays," said N.C. State wide receiver Torry Holt.

"We've got to throw the ball down field. I don't think we are going to line up and consistently run the football, and we may need to make some big plays. We need to stick a big play in there. We need to get the ball in Torry's hands," said head coach Mike O'Cain.

The stadium has hosted Game 7 of the World Series. In January, it will host the Super Bowl. Tuesday, it hosts the Micron PC Bowl.