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Amanda Baker Leads Bunn High in Volleyball, Grades

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BUNN — It has been a conference championship volleyball season at Bunn High School, and one of the big reason for that is senior Amanda Baker.

Baker is a Bunn Tri-Captain who has earned a lot of respect in the Bunn community.

"Amanda loves Bunn," Bunn volleyball coach Henry Jones said. "She loves the girls she plays with. She love the sport. She just has a tremendous desire to play and to play well."

Baker is a top-notch student ranking first in her senior class. She says that maintaining excellent grades while playing sports has been tough, but also rewarding.

"It is a struggle to maintain top grades," Baker said. "You have to budget your time, but balancing athletics and academics is really important because so much emphasis is placed on athletes. It is our obligation to serve as a good role model. It's been kind of hard, but it's worth it."

"Amanda is hard working and very conscientious," Bunn teacher Hope Coats said. "She is the type of student that is always on task. She is the kind that other students respect. She leads by example. She's the kind that you are proud to represent your school."

"You know she's doing work outside of the class for her to be as good as she is in the classroom," Jones said.

"She is number one in our class, and she often helps people out if they are having trouble in class," Bunn student Markiesha Edgerton said. "I think that's why so many people like her because she is willing to help people that don't understand a subject that she's in."

Amanda Baker of Bunn High School is this week's winner of the Extra Effort Award.

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