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It's Brother Against Brother for Football Friday Night

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LAURINBURG — The coach at Richmond County corrects every minute mistake in practice. The coach at Scotland County pores over video tape looking for any small error to exploit. The two coaches, who are brothers, faced each other for a Friday night showdown.

Richmond and Scotland stage an annual war of supremacy on the North Carolina border, and now it literally pits brother against brother.

"I guess some eight years ago, when I did all I could to help get Mark a job at Scotland, I never dreamed that we would be playing each other," Daryl Barnes said.

"The thing I learned from Daryl would be a great work ethic, being organized and having a plan and sticking to your plan," Mark Barnes said.

Daryl Barnes and Mark Barnes find themselves reluctant combatants in this biggest of high school games.

"This is an uncomfortable week because if he wins, what will he say to Daryl, but if Daryl wins what do you say to Mark," Daryl said.

"It's tough on mother and daddy I'm sure," Mark said. "I think they try to sit on both sides for one half."

No coach has a better scouting report on the Richmond Raiders than Mark Barnes, but last year Daryl fooled him.

"We know each other so well, and our staffs know each other so well, that you about have to do a little wrinkle here and there," Daryl said.

"He's our enemy, and Friday night I'll be relieved when the horn sounds for the fourth period to be over, and I'm sure he will be too," Mark said.

Neither can shake the spotlight that shines on the brothers Barnes.

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