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Ben Hudson: A Leader On and Off the Field

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DURHAM — At Durham's Riverside High School, Senior Ben Hudson received this week's Extra Effort award for his leadership on and off the football field.

Hudson is the Pirates' All-PAC 6 center. He has been a significant part in Riverside's 4-0 start.

He is also someone the coaches look to, and the players depend on, for leadership.

"My dealing with him in football is that he doesn't just care about himself, but he cares about the whole team," Riverside coach Linny Wrenn said. "He looks to how we can get better each and everyday, and that is something you don't see in every kid, this day and time especially."

"This team is very tight, and we're like a family," Hudson said. "We care for each other, and we work hard together. Being here all summer together and being in school together, we've grown close together, and it's a family."

Hudson is a member of the National Honor Society and is a member of Who's Who Among American High School Students. He is also an Eagle scout.

"Ben certainly has leadership," teacher Kathie Davidson said. "He cares about setting goals and achieving goals, and be them big or small, Ben will do what he can to make that goal a reality. I saw that over and over in the classroom, and I know that the coaches experience that on the field."

"The dedication, I've gained that from my father," Hudson said. "He's pushed me to the point, not to where he makes me to do stuff, but he wants me to do for me what I want to do to make me better, and make me a better person. I want to be remembered as being a nice person that doesn't always care about himself, but cares about others."

Ben Hudson of Riverside High School is this weeks winner of the Extra Effort Award.