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Who Knows You Better, Your Mate or Best Friend?

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CARY — Best friends usually have a lot in common, and so do happily married couples. But who knows you better, your mate or your best friend? WRAL put one trio to the test.

Second baseman Joey Barnett and catcher Orlando Soto consider themselves best friends. They talk on the phone at least once a day, and Joey's new wife Lorae says the two are inseparable.

Lorae has known Joey a couple of years; Orlando has known him three. To find out who knows him better, WRAL asked both the following questions:
  • What is Joey's favorite food?
  • When he is happiest?
  • What does he think is the sexiest female garment?
  • What is Joey's idea of a good time?
  • What is Joey's dream job?
  • Relationship expert Don Azevedo says time spent with a person is not necessarily the determining factor when it comes to familiarity.

    "Open and honest communication is the best way," Azevedo says.

    Trust is part of the equation, too.

    "Vulnerability is an important piece of love, an important piece of staying connected for a lifetime," he says.

    The goal is to trust someone so much that you are comfortable sharing your intimate feelings and thoughts.

    Now, how did Joey, Orlando and Lorae do? Joey's favorite food is lasagna.
  • Lorae said it was his grandmother's chicken.
  • Orlando said it was a barbecue sandwich. Joey says he is happiest when his family is around him.
  • Lorae said he is happiest watching a Duke basketball game.
  • Orlando said, "I get phone calls occasionally after sex; that seems to be when he's most happiest." Joey says the sexiest garment a woman wears is a sundress.
  • Lorae said sundresses.
  • Orlando said "nothing." Joey says his idea of a good time is dinner and dancing.
  • Lorae said dinner and dancing.
  • Orlando said going out to a concert. And lastly, if he had his wish, Joey says he would be a sports commentator.
  • Lorae said Joey would be a baseball player.
  • Orlando said Joey would be a hockey owner or analyst.
  • On paper, Lorae scored better than Orlando. But Orlando says the bond between he and Joey cannot be questioned.

    "It's like having a brother, like a brother I never had," he says.

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