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Ft. Bragg Investigation Continues Into Gay Porn Site

Posted January 31, 2006 9:07 a.m. EST

— Fort Bragg officials are moving forward with their investigation into claims that several soldiers may have posed for a gay porn Web site believed to be based out of Fayetteville.

Former U.S. Army lawyer William Woodruff says that unlike the civilian world, the military has regulations against such actions.

"It's a unique organization," said Woodruff. "It has unique roles and responsibilities and, therefore, has unique rules that go along with it."

One article of military code prohibits sodomy, while another prohibits behavior unbecoming an officer. Yet, another rule prohibits indecent acts by officers or enlisted soldiers. And, of course, there is the military's policy about open homosexuality, commonly referred to as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

WRAL spoke with a man who says he was a soldier and an editor of a gay porn Web site. He said many such sites target young troops, offering quick cash -- even thousands of dollars -- to people who do not make much money.

"It's very enticing, very enticing," said the man. "(It's) almost a form of entrapment by these porn sites."

In the case concerning Fort Bragg soldiers, WRAL tried to ask a man linked to the Web site in question about those same issues, but he was nowhere to be found. Tax records indicate that he owns a house in the Rayconda neighborhood of Fayetteville, which had a surveillance camera above the front porch.

WRAL went to the home, knocked on the door and looked inside. Even though there were people inside, no one answered.

WRAL also went to his business address, where no one answered either.

However, someone using a name from the Web site did send an e-mail to WRAL, saying that he is making it more difficult to access the site.