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Teacher, Student Reach Compromise In Restraining Order Case

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RALEIGH, N.C. — An East Wake High School teacher who took a restraining order out against one of her students agreed Tuesday that he could come back to school.

Jennifer Borchert got the order after she said senior Johnel Aldaya threatened to kill her. Aldaya denies the death threats, though he admits to overreacting when she accused him of cheating on a math test.

After working for nearly five hours with mediators at the Carolina Dispute Settlement Services of Wake County, Borchert agreed that Aldaya could come back to school.

But the high school wrestler will be assigned to south campus and Borchert will work on north campus. He will be escorted to and from class and to and from lunch by a school staff member.

"I don't think it completely alleviates her fears, but puts in procedures where he can have no contact with her," said Sonya Debree, Borchert's attorney. "She wants him to understand there are rules in life he can use -- that's why she went the mediation route, not to harm him, but to help him."

As part of the mediation, Aldaya also issued a written apology for the Jan. 12 incident

"It was important. I was at fault," Aldaya said.

If Aldaya complies with the terms of the agreement, the restraining order will be dropped in six months.

Aldaya, who hopes to get a scholarship to college, has not been at school since the incident. He was suspended for 10 days and Borchert got the 50C restraining order on Jan. 23, which prevented him from returning to school.


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