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Tar Heels Defense to Reload, not Rebuild

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CHAPEL HILL — The NFL raided one of the nation's best defenses, but don't shed a tear for the Tar Heels. UNC may only return four starters, but there is no denying the ability that is left.

North Carolina's program has stockpiled an abundance of talent.

"The talent is there, and the system's there," UNC linebacker Keith Newman said. "I think one thing that we're doing to help us reach the point of the Florida States and the Floridas and Ohio States of college football, is to reload, not rebuild. We are reloading and not rebuilding, and I think that is going to help us out tremendously."

Newman is one of the most recognized returning starters for the Heels, along with Heisman trophy candidate Dre Bly. Now the spot light will shine on a number of talented athletes, who have patiently waited their turn.

"Nobody had heard of Dre Bly, Robert Williams, Brian Simmons, K Mays, Greg Ellis, or Vonnie Holliday; we had no idea how they would respond to the first game pressures and the excitement of the game," UNC coach Carl Torbush said. "They did a great job, and hopefully the guys this year will do the same thing.

No question about it, there is still plenty of talent on hand - enough for the NFL to come calling again once the season ends.