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Brotherly Love Keeps Holt at N.C. State

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Holt gave up the fame and fortune of the NFL not for the love of N.C. State, but
RALEIGH — N.C. State's Torry Holt is back for his senior season, and Wolfpack teammates and coaches couldn't be happier.

Holt thought seriously about trying his hand at the NFL, but he came back to West Raleigh for one main reason.

Holt gave up the fame and fortune of the NFL not for the love of N.C. State, but for the love of his brother.

Terrance Holt is a walk-on freshman at State, and Torry wants to enjoy this season with his brother as a teammate.

"We have a special relationship, brother to brother," Torry said. "We love each other. We support one another, and we criticize each other. We are just there to support each other and be there for each other, and hope that we both succeed."

Right now Torry is considered one of the best receivers in the country, and having Terrance at his side makes him even stronger.

"He's always challenging me whenever we are out there on the field, or whether we are in the dorm room playing a video game, he challenges me," Torry said. "So that makes me a tougher player."

As a freshman, Terrance cannot talk to the media, and as a walk-on he cannot have a scholarship. But with a little help from big brother, that might change.

"He's got to develop his athletic ability, and fine tune those things as Torry did," coach Mike O'Cain said. "I believe that he can have a tremendous future as well."

Terrance and Torry are not too worried about the future. They are too busy enjoying the present.


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