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Southern Durham Grad Seeking Job as Starter

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GREENVILLE — Quarterback is the key question at East Carolina this fall. There are three candidates, one of whom is quite familiar to fans of Football Friday. But how does that big guy who used to run and throw at Durham's Southern High School pronounce his name?

David Garrard is battling to become ECU's starting quarterback. But on Monday, Garrard may have won his toughest battle yet. Up until then, the Southern Durham product had a name recognition problem.

"I would tell people my name. I would say David Garrard [G as in goat]," the ECU quarterback explained. "They would say, `David Garrard [G as in giraffe], how are you doing?' And I just told them Garrard [G as in goat], and they would automatically switch it to Garrard [G like giraffe]. So, I just let them say Garrard [G like giraffe]."

So it's a hard "G" for the stocky red-shirt freshman. Now that that's out of the way, the 6'3", 240 pound signal caller will continue to play "guess my position." After all, Garrard doesn't have your typical quarterback physique.

"If anyone ever asked me what position I play, and they would try to guess it," Garrard says, "It would be defensive line, O-line-- and `no, you're not a quarterback...' I think there's a new wave of quarterbacks coming out. I think a lot of big guys are coming out for quarterback. I'm just the start of a new wave."

Let's see, that's a hard "G" for Garrard, and the kid plays quarterback. I get the feeling we won't be making those mistakes again.

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