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Spikes the Next Big Back for the Pack

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RALEIGH — Last college season, N.C. State led the ACC in rushing thanks in large part to Tremayne Stephens and the veteran offensive line. Stephens is gone, but the line is back. State is excited about the guy who will take Stephens' place, Rahshon Spikes.

Tremayne Stephens' style was about stealth. He seemed to glide through opposing defenses, if they saw him at all. Rahshon Spikes took notes for two seasons and gives everyone around him the feeling that he is ready to be the next Wolfpack running back.

"I played behind Tremayne for two seasons," Spikes said. "That gave me time to learn and get stronger."

Subbing for the ACC's leading rusher, Spikes quietly picked up 297 yards in 67 carries. At N.C. State, they believe folks will quickly learn his name this fall.

"He's gonna surprise some people with his speed outside," Coach O'Cain pointed out. "I'm excited about seeing him play."

N.C. State's veteran line enjoys blocking for him.

"He's got real big legs," admitted offensive lineman Justin Burroughs. "He runs with high knees. He's not afraid to drop his head on somebody if he doesn't have anywhere to go."

State's defenders don't look forward to tackling him in practice.

"As you know, Spikes is a great back," said defensive back Tony Scott. "It takes a lot to bring him down. If you hit him, he's not going to stop."

"If you're in front of me, I'm going to pretty much try to run you over," Spikes admitted, "But if I run it to you in the secondary, I'm going to put a move or two on you and try to take it to the house."

This is a sight the Pack expects to see: Rahshon Spikes taking it to the house.