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Number Cruncher Gets Paid to Have Fun

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DURHAM — The Durham Bulls not only have a first-place team in the International League. They also have a first-class ball park, including a giant scoreboard out in leftfield that goes back to the good old days.

Of all the seats at the DBAP, Chris Henchek may have the best one.

"It's a dream for somebody to pay me to watch a baseball game," Henchek says. "It's incredible."

At every home game, Henchek goes behind the leftfield wall to run the giant scoreboard by hand.

"It's great," explains Henchek. "It's like a big sports car to me. I get in it every night and go for two or three hours and have a great time."

With his radio by his side, Henchek watches the game through a tiny slot in the scoreboard:

"From this spot, I can score the game, get back and forth and figure out what's happening."

This is not an easy job. Henchek has to know baseball and numbers:

"The yellow numbers are innings in progress," he says.

And when a run scores, Henchek is off and running:

"This is good enough for me," Henchek says. "I have a great time out here. The scoreboard is as good as me. It's me. I have fun with it."

If you're at the Bulls game and you check out the score, remember Henchek is back there, and he's having as much fun as you are. Reporter/Photographer: Todd Lewis