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Retired Clinton Coach 'Says it Ain't So'

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CLINTON — Those who follow high school football might be surprised to hear that Bob Lewis will again coach the Clinton Dark Horses.

Lewis did retire last year, but agreed to come back after the school was unable to find a replacement. He's a touch embarrassed about having to un-retire.

Most people remember Bob Lewis being carried off the Kenan stadium turf after his third state title at Clinton. But something happened on Lewis' way to his favorite fishing hole. Clinton couldn't find a suitable replacement. Only one man would do, so back comes Bob Lewis, much to his embarrassment.

"There were so many nice articles written, and things like that," Lewis said. "I was really appreciative of things like that, and now everybody thinks that I was just doing it to gain attention, and I wasn't. I was really sincere in what I was doing."

So Lewis' golf clubs catch a break this fall as the Dark Horses go for the school's third straight state title. The Horses are certainly there for another championship, and Lewis' players have every intention of sending him out that way, again.

"I think it would be a disappointment if we didn't go out and win it again, if this is his last year because he did go out on a winning note," running back Willie Parker said.

"I don't think I will be disappointed if it doesn't end like that," Lewis said. "It takes a special group to get to Chapel Hill, and so many things have to fall in place for you like injuries and a little luck here and there. If that doesn't happen, I have had my day in the sun."

And he just might get another one, instead of the peace and quiet he expected.

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