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N.C. State Graduate Student Goes Bowling for Dollars

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NC State graduate student David Watson joined
RALEIGH — A lot of people in America love to bowl, and some are actually good at it. One such person is a N.C. State graduate student who is giving professional bowling a try.

David Watson hit the PBA tour right out of college at the age of 23. His boyhood dream only lasted a month though, because the engineering student didn't bowl up to his potential. Plus, the life style of a professional bowler did not live up to his expectations.

"Whenever I bowled there was a lot of time just sitting around, and spending time in the hotels wasn't much fun," Watson said. "It was just a big disappointment the first time I tried to go out on tour."

Today, Watson bowls full time on the regional tour, which is a sort of proving ground for the PBA. He has had success there, and now picks and chooses what national events he wants to compete in. Bowling against some of the top professional bowlers has convinced him that he is just as good as the people he used to watch on TV.

"I feel like I am," Watson said. "When I first went up there, I had my doubts. I bowled the national tours this year, and have won five regional titles. So that gave me a lot of confidence, and made me believe that I was good enough to be out here with these guys."

He just doesn't want to be out there. In December, Watson will get his graduate degree in computer engineering, a career that doesn't allow a lot of time for sitting around in hotels.

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