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ACC Football Still Chasing Florida State

Posted July 28, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— ACC football has developed a theme: chasing Florida State. The Noles have dominated the league with a 47-1 record since joining the ACC in 1992, and this season does not look to re-write the plot.

The "F" in Florida State stands for fast. The Seminoles offense produced 452 yards and 39 points per game in 1997. Beware ACC fans, because FSU's "F" just got faster.

"We got a guy, Peter Warrick, running a 4.25 forty, and Laveranues Coles who runs a 4.17," Florida State quarterback Chris Weinke said. "It is unbelievable the team speed that we have."

"The skill level and the athletic level are the same, there's no change," Florida State coach Bobby Bowden said. "Now, the maturity is not quite there, like I would like it to be."

Rival coaches are pleased to hear of any potential misstep in the Seminoles victory dance.

"If you're going to have a conference, you need to have a change in the leadership once in awhile," Georgia Tech coach George O'Leary said.

Each fall the ACC's other eight trot out more talent, but it takes more than talent to beat a team with a record of 47-1.

"You play a tradition and a mystique more than you play just 11 players that are out there on the field," NC State coach Mike O'Cain said. "If you put those same guys in a different uniform and gave them a different name, they may not be as good as they are."

"There are a lot of people that say 'you dominate,'" Bowden said. "We don't dominate anymore than Nebraska. Look at Nebraska over the last three years-- undefeated, undefeated."

If no one can exploit FSU's inexperience this season, the Noles will continue undefeated, undefeated.