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ACC Takes Team Speed to the Limits

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LAKE LANIER ISLANDS, GA — Bigger, faster, stronger. That motto is what coaches say about today's college football players. In the ACC those players are especially faster.

Yesteryear in ACC football meant high scoring games. One of the graduates of the ACC's softer defensive days is now commissioner.

"The quality of play is much better now, than when I played," ACC Commissioner John Swofford said. "I'm thankful that I tried to play when I did, because I certainly couldn't play in today's world."

"Ten years ago I would say that the ACC was know as an offensive league with high scoring offense and no defense," UNC coach Carl Torbush said. "Over the last three or four years, the ACC has played as fine a defense as anybody in the country."

The conference is beginning to make its presense known, and demand attention in college football. The reason - team speed.

"It is a very fast game," NC State wide receiver Torry Holt said. "The speed is incredible."

No team in America brings more team speed than Florida State, and now everyone else is chasing them.

"Team speed is huge, and there is a lot of team speed in a lot of the schools this year," Clemson quarterback Brandon Streater said.

"You have be down on the field to really realize it," Virginia conerback Anthony Poindexter said. "You get down there with them, and they really move. If you aren't on your p's and q's they will get behind you."

Last place Duke has more team speed than most of the conference had five years ago. In the ACC, a team can never have enough speed.