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Candler Divers Continue to Make a Splash

Posted July 17, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Later this month, seven members of the Candler diving team will compete in national zone competition. With a good showing, these divers could advance to the national championships, which is common for Candler divers. John Candler knows how to produce winners.

To make a splash in diving, you have to have courage and a great coach. That's where John Candler comes in. He's been instructing divers for more than three decades.

"I'm a very mechanical coach," Candler admits. "I want things just so. I think that stems from the fact I have a degree in aeronautical engineering."

Besides teaching the technical aspect of diving, John is also a great motivator, which you have to be to get kids to dive from a 30 yard platform.

"You have to really trust him and that what he says to do, you have to feel like 'yeah, I can do that,' because he wouldn't ask you to if you couldn't," says diver Renee Paradise.

For the past 26 years, John Candler has sent at least one diver to the national championship, which is an incredible streak-- one John will always cherish.

"The kids get a lot out of it, and yes, I am proud of it," Candler explains.

His divers are proud to have him as their coach.