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Students Cut the Wake at the Coble Ski School

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LILLINGTON — Summer is the season for many fun things like water skiing. Hundreds of skiers will pass through Harnett County this summer. Kids and some adults will strap on the skis at the Coble ski school.

White water is flying everywhere across the Coble ski lakes like never before. Top skiers train there, and school is now in session.

April Coble and her staff of instructors delight in helping first timers. When WRAL was visiting, April was helping eleven-year old Scott and eight-year-old Jason Jones learn the ropes about ski jumping. A few minutes later, Scott dawns the helmet and hits the ramp. Bingo! Jay won't be outdone. He's up and down.

"I was hoping I wouldn't fall and break my head when I came down," admitted Scott.

"I really thought I was going to slip and fall on the ramp," said Jason.

The Cobles have enrolled as many as 25 students in a week from places like Washington, Michigan and even Switzerland. Some of the instructors come from another hemisphere.

"This is probably one of the best water skiing environment I've ever been to in the States or in the world," explained instructor Kyle Eade. "Down in New Zealand, I wish we had a place like this."

"The smile on the faces when these guys do things they've never done before, is just what keeps me doing it," Coble said. "One skier a month, skiing for the very first time-- that keeps me going."

A world-class skier, April loves seeing others learn new routines as much as she enjoys her own feats. When school ends each afternoon, the teacher gets a chance to play.

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