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Carter Optimistic Despite Lockout

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CHAPEL HILL — There is no progress in the NBA labor deadlock, and none is expected anytime soon. For new players like Vince Carter, the former Carolina star, that means his future is one hold. Despite the lockout, Carter is very excited about his future in the NBA.

Vince Carter still revels in the moment when his name was called in the NBA draft.

"Every step I took up those steps and shaking David Stern's hand, I just remembered some of those days," Carter said. "I said one day I would be there. Just remembering past drafts when I said, I'm getting my chance to walk up there. Now, I'm getting my opportunity."

Toronto traded Golden State for the rights to Carter. That pleased the former Carolina star to no end.

"I think it's a great situation for me," Carter explained. "It gives me the opportunity to play with my cousin for one."

His cousin is Tracy McGrady, once of Durham's Mt. Zion. Carter is eager to put on a Toronto uniform.

"I went there for a workout," said Carter. "I had a great workout. I enjoyed the city. I enjoyed the coaching staff and everything surrounding the Toronto Raptors. I went there feeling good, and when I left there, I felt very good. I felt good about my situation being a player and how I could fit into their mold. Maybe good things can happen. Hopefully, we might make the playoffs."

Most importantly, I'm trying to help Toronto get more wins. I think we had 16 wins last year. So, I'd like to increase that. Seventeen-- I'd be happy with that, but I just want to get some wins. I'm not used to losing."

Maybe that's why the Raptors wanted Vince Carter. He's a versatile player with a winning attitude.

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