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Gebauer Crunches Numbers and the Competition

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During a game, Wendy's name is announced.
RALEIGH — The keyboard gets an early morning workout. The mouse had better be ready to roam. Financial consultant Wendy Gebauer will seek every opportunity to help her clients-- on and off the field.

"Every month, you've got new goals," Gebauer says. "I think that's frightening to a lot of people. But for me, I thrive on that."

But each day after the market closes, Gebauer grabs her bag and goes to her other job. Wendy puts the financial wins and losses aside for a few hours and prepares to compete again, this time with the Raleigh Wings.

"I'm probably the fittest I've been in eight years maybe at age 31," admits Gebauer. "I never could have imagined that I would be competing again at this level."

So almost a decade after she helped North Carolina win three of its many national championships, Wendy Gebauer has brought the soccer ball back to the front and center of her life.

Playing for the Raleigh Wings has unearthed all the passion she used to feel on the field and the will to compete.

"I really missed that, I missed the competition on the field," Gebauer explains. "I get it in my career, but I miss it on the field."

As with her days at Carolina, Gebauer plays on a powerhouse team. That winning spirit is pervasive beyond the playing field.

"We don't mind competing, and I don't think that's innate in a lot of females," says Gebauer. "We are taught to compete."

And while Wendy may occasionally miss the net on game night, she has more to play for the next morning at the office with an assist towards dozen of financial goals.


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