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Players Speculate MJ's Future at Greensboro Camp

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GREENSBORO — Michael Jordan always begins his summer vacation with a trip to North Carolina. He plays pick-up basketball in Greensboro. He hosts a golf tournament in Greenville. And he speaks to the media, usually.

This week, amidst the swirl of speculation about his future, Jordan left without answering any questions. But as always, he commanded center stage-- this time at the Achievement Unlimited Basketball Academy.

Would a packed house filled mostly with kids be the final audience for Michael Jordan? It could be. Remember, he hinted about retirement before the season started. Jordan would not to talk to the media on this day, but his friends sure did.

"Michael loves the game and would love to keep playing," said Chigago's Rusty LaRue, "It's a long season. It's a tough year. I think a lot of it is going to come down to a late summer decision for him and what he feels like doing."

Jordan said he would return to Chicago if the team's nucleus remained the same. That's not going to happen. This week, head coach Phil Jackson resigned. But if Scottie Pippen resigns with the Bulls, Jordan may follow.

"I think Scottie coming back would definitely help bring Michael back," LaRue said, "but I don't think that is going to guarantee him in any way coming back."

If Jordan does decide to retire, you've got to believe other teams will finally have a chance at an NBA Championship.

"I just think a lot of teams in the league are just waiting to see Chicago's decision," Jerry Stackhouse explained. "That could make a real big turn in the free-agent market."

Jordan has mastered another game-- the waiting game.