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Goldsboro Golfer Teeing Off at 40

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GOLDSBORO — The pride of Goldsboro has just turned 40, but Clarence Rose feels his game is as good as ever. He may not hit it as far, but with age comes experience, and you can't measure the importance of that.

"I think I'm more of a wiser player," Rose admits. "I don't go for so many pins as I used to. I'm probably playing better than I ever played.

But his 1998 statistics say otherwise. Rose has earned just under $90,000 dollars this year. That's good enough for 124th on the PGA money list. The top 125 retain their tour cards for the following season. Rose is confident he'll begin to put it together, despite the added psychological effect of turning 40.

"Earlier in my career, I never doubted myself," Rose says. "I always had the natural ability to just go out and play. Everything came easy. As you get older, your muscles stiffen up a bit. The putting isn't quite as good. You don't go quite as low."

He may not score quite as low as he once did, but an older, wiser Clarence Rose is still a threat on the PGA tour.

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