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Local Teams Kick Around Idea for Soccer Academy

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RALEIGH — Thousands of kids in the area play competitive or recreational soccer. There are many avenues of opportunity. Pretty soon, there will be a new soccer academy with ACC ties.

During the spring and fall soccer seasons, Duke, State and North Carolina are bitter rivals. Now the three university's soccer coaches, as well as the Raleigh Flyers and Wings have joined forces to form their own soccer team for boys and girls aged 12 and under.

Duke Coach John Rennie, UNC Coach Anson Dorrance and NCSU Coach George Tarantini are heading up the project:

"It's for the development of the players, development of coaches," Rennie says. "trying to help young players be the best they can be. This is not about teams winning championships. We try to do that with our college teams."

"All of us have certainly done clinics at a youth level," says Dorrance. "This is a chance to get involved in the day to day development of the youth in the Triangle area."

"This is not to take anything away from anyone," Tarantini explains. "It's to help."

The Triangle consistently produces some of the top high school teams in the state because of a strong developmental program already in place. These ACC coaches just want to be a part of seeing that continue.